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Leticia Navarro
Communications officer
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  • NUUK Cargopro has received the first “Cybersecurity in Vehicles” certificate from AENOR, after passing the EUROCYBCAR Test -which measures and evaluates the level of cybersecurity of a vehicle, according to the requirements of the UNECE/R155 regulation and applying the ESTP methodology-
  • The Boroa-Amorebieta AIC (Bizkaia) hosted this morning the delivery of this certification in the presence of Arantxa Tapia, Minister of Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment, among other guests and representatives of institutions and entities related to the world of the industry and cybersecurity.
  • This certification marks a global milestone as Spain anticipates the rest of the European countries: UNECE/R155 entered into force in January 2021 and requires that vehicles that are approved in Europe from this month of July and all those that are on sale in July 2024.
  • The NUUK Mobility Solutions (NMS) startup -specialized in the design and development of intelligent light electric vehicle solutions- received this morning, at its AIC offices in Boroa-Amorebieta, the first AENOR“Cybersecurity in Vehicles” certificate awarded to a vehicle that passes a cybersecurity evaluation, in accordance with the UNECE/R155 requirements and applying the ESTP methodology –EUROCYBCAR Standard Test Protocol-. The certificate was given by  Arantxa Tapia, Head of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment of Innovation of the Basque Government, and by Javier Mejía, AENORMarketing & Business Development Director.
  • The NUUK Cargopro electric motorcycle model became, last December, the first vehicle in the world to pass a cybersecurity test -mandatory for cars, vans, trucks, buses, motorhomes and trailers that are approved in the EU Starting next July. EUROCYBCAR carried out the demanding cybersecurity evaluation at its Vitoria-Gasteiz laboratory, applying the ESTP methodology and in accordance with the requirements of the UNECE/R155 regulation, which evaluates up to 70 specific cybersecurity threats, and which AENOR now certifies.
  • The models that obtain the AENOR“Cybersecurity in Vehicles” certificate demonstrate that they implement effective means to minimize the risk of a cyberattack against the privacy and life of the people traveling on board, as well as the integrity of the vehicle systems.

April, 2022

As of July this year, all vehicles -cars, vans, buses, trucks, motorhomes and trailers- that are approved in Europe must comply with stringent cybersecurity regulations (UNECE/R155 and, from July 2024, all vehicles The purpose of this regulation is for manufacturers to contemplate and mitigate the different cybersecurity risks that vehicles face, for which it has established minimum cybersecurity requirements that new vehicles must meet.

The idea, therefore, is that vehicles approved in the EU have to complete a technical evaluation of up to 70 possible cybersecurity threats indicated in UNECE/R155, ranging from possible cyberattacks to the integrity of the vehicle’s computer systems, to the physical safety of the driver or passengers, or defend the privacy of the people who travel on board those vehicles.

Anticipating this regulation, NUUK Mobility Solutions became, last December, the first automotive company in the world to market a model that has passed the EUROCYBCAR cybersecurity test that is now certified by AENOR: the Cargopro electric motorcycle, aimed at the world of logistics and nearby distribution. With this voluntary certification, NMS is ahead of European regulations since, at the moment, electric motorcycles are not yet required to pass this evaluation.

Once the EUROCYBCAR cybersecurity test has been passed -in which ESTP’s own methodology is applied and according to UNECE/R155-, AENOR reviews the technical results report issued by EUROCYBCAR, as well as technical-organizational aspects of the organisation, and proceeds to issue the “Cybersecurity in Vehicles” certificate valid for three years.

This certificate is the one that has been delivered today to those responsible for NUUK at its AIC facilities, in Boroa-Amorebieta -Bizkaia-. During the delivery, Arantxa Tapia, Minister of Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment of the Basque Government, stated that “the competitiveness of our economy goes through the three great transitions that are taking place at a global level. We are talking about the socio-sanitary transition, the energy-climatic transition and the technological-digital transition. The latter cannot be understood without cybersecurity, an area in which the Basque Country has made a firm commitment. The achievement of NUUK, as the first certified company thanks to the EUROCYBCAR test, is undoubtedly proof of all this effort”.

Importance to NUUK

“It is a strange feeling of pride and surprise, -explained Ixone Busturia, deputy director of the firm during the delivery of the cybersecurity certificate-, that in a world as global as the one we find ourselves in, in which we assumed that this path should already be having been covered by major brands due to its importance, having been the first global brand to achieve this certification, with the involvement of agents such as EUROCYBCAR and AENOR who have accompanied us in this demanding process”.

In her opinion, “at NMS, we understand that a hitherto mature sector such as the automotive industry is now in constant recycling and change with the entry of new forms of use, new types of vehicles, new technologies, ever-increasing levels of connection, for what the regulations that regulate it must be adapted to the new entrants, this is only the beginning of the regulatory process”.

For Azucena Hernández, CEO of EUROCYBCAR, “the delivery to NUUKof the AENOR “Cybersecurity in Vehicles” Certificate is a great step for us to become a European benchmark in innovation for mobility and cybersecurity, something which we have been fighting for years at EUROCYBCAR“. And he added that “from now on, a promising future opens up in which the support of all institutions, whether local, regional or national, will be necessary to maintain this leadership position and that cybersecurity in the security industry the automotive industry is the engine that allows the world to move in a more cybersecure way”.

Hernández ended his speech with a message of hope for the automotive world, encouraging “in the same way that NUUK, AENOR and EUROCYBCAR have joined forces, so too do all those who are part of the mobility ecosystem, starting with the manufacturers and ending with the users themselves, to create a global awareness of the need for cyber-secure use of mobility systems. And we must always remember that vehicles are computers on wheels and everyone’s data and privacy are at stake, but above the life of those who travel on board.”

“An essential element of digitization is trust in new developments; essential for them to spread with the necessary speed. AENOR has been creating confidence in advances in the field of cybersecurity, being, for example, the main certifier in Spain and Latin America in accordance with the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security standard. Users of NUUK vehicles that have passed the EUROCYBCAR Cybersecurity test, backed by the AENOR “Cybersecurity in Vehicles” certificate, can have confidence in the protection of their electric motorcycle against possible cyberattacks; a value that will be increasingly appreciated by everyone who purchases or uses this vehicle”, stated Javier Mejía, Marketing & Business Development Director at AENOR.

●●● More information

NUUK Mobility Solutions is a start-up located in the Boroa-Amorebieta AIC (Bizkaia) dedicated to the commercialization of smart electric mobility solutions. These are vehicles with high performance, equivalent or superior to combustion models and aimed at both private and professional use (Cargo Line). The firm will achieve, after passing the AENOR audit, the first certificate in the world with the new cybersecurity standard that all vehicles marketed in the EU must comply with from July 2024. NUUK Mobility Solutions has a wide network of strategic partners that allow that most of the components used in its manufacture originate in Europe and in top-level European companies. The design and development of all the models is carried out in Bizkaia, while their assembly is carried out in the facilities of the Catalan motorcycle manufacturer RIEJU.

EUROCYBCAR is a technology company based in Vitoria-Gasteiz -under the umbrella of the Basque Cybersecurity Center- that identifies, assesses and prevents the risks that affect the cybersecurity of vehicles, fleet management systems and infrastructures of telecommunications. It has developed and patented the EUROCYBCAR Test, the first test in the world that measures the level of cybersecurity of a vehicle, applying the ESTP methodology -own and under patent- and according to the requirements of the UNECE/R155 and taking into account ISO 21434. It also develops training actions regarding cybersecurity assessment methodologies, current regulations and other areas of cybersecurity applied to the automotive industry and the mobility ecosystem. EUROCYBCAR’s objective is to work towards cyber-secure mobility.

AENOR is the Spanish leader in conformity assessment, that identifies and helps organizations to overcome relevant competitiveness gaps. Its main goal is contributing to society transformation by building trust between people and organizations.As a global company AENOR has presence in 87 countries in TIC (Testing, Inspection and Certification), training, and information services. Currently, more than 87,000 working centres around the world own AENOR certificates in the fields of quality management, sustainability, risks and safety, animal welfare, compliance and governance and IT, among others.

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